Saturday, 16 April 2016

BOOK EXTRACT - Chapter 10 Thorpe Hamlet

Nest veteran Neville Porter
NORWICH City prepare for a crucial home game at Carrow Road today.  
But how many people can remember the days when the Canaries played at their previous home ground - The Nest, off Rosary Road. The last game there was on May 6th, 1935, so we’re going back a bit. For the Thorpe Hamlet chapter of my book I tracked down a gentleman called Neville Porter who has just celebrated his 93rd birthday.
“I first went to see City I suppose when I was eight or nine so we’re probably talking about 1932 or 1933,” he told me.
 “It was sixpence for an adult and three pence for children. I can remember standing on the concrete terracing where you could look directly down on the goalkeeper. It was all most precarious; safety considerations just didn’t come into it. It was no surprise when the FA told them they’d had to move.
“I can remember seeing Willie Warnes who they’d signed from Arsenal. He was a good little winger, but when he ran he was a bit bow-legged. So all of us kids when we played football in Eaton Park, we’d all be running round with legs like that, trying to imitate him. Bernard Robinson was another one. He was one of the generation who lost out on half his career because of the Second World War.”
Mr Porter was a season-ticket holder in the City Stand at Carrow Road until 2013. How many others can say they kept the turnstiles turning for 80 years?  
* There's much more on history of The Nest as well as the early days of Carrow Road in "Hidden Riverside Norwich" available at Jarrold's, £16.99

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